Grow, Grow

I LOVE this article by Amy (@amypalko) confessions of an inconstant blogger

“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, Grow, grow…”
The Talmud

We all go through this ebb and flow of creativity! I love the quote, it’s beautiful and hopeful and inspirational. My new album is all around the theme of “the seed of an idea” and growth in nature.

I’ve been looking at my life differently since arriving at this theme. I think part of growing as a human involves periods of internal growth and preparation where it seems nothing is developing on the outside, you’re not producing fruit yet…but you’re taking in everything you need to make the fruit. It’s seasonal! I wrote a new song called Secret Roots, you don’t see them, but they make you stronger. Amy’s article talks of this, and all of us worry when we’re not producing fruit, but nature doesn’t work like the conveyor belt of capitalism. Time to develop, time to put down roots and time to grow is an essential part of our own growth.

Even the funding of the album is growth oriented, as I get one step closer with each person who chooses to pre-order it. These are my angels, whispering “Grow, grow” Grow the seed

I’m writing a song today about being a tree, coming out of the dirt, finding nutrients in the dirt, and converting these to fruit.

We’re all creative creatures and we need to remember that the periods of quiet, though seemingly unproductive will help lay the foundations for our best work, our masterpieces, our fruit!

Grow, grow!! Xx

If you like this, please pass on, it’s been enabled for free download…you might also want to be part of making the next album happen here: http://www.sponsume.com/project/meme

Please tell all your friends 🙂
Hugs and fairy dust x

If We Meet

Keir and I really enjoyed working with Jiamin Liu on sound design and music for her wonderful animation “If We Meet” which was officially selected by the following festivals:

Holland Animation Film Festival 2010
5th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival 2010
Tricky Women International Animation Festival 2011
Monstra Animated Film Festival 2011
Womanimation festival 2011

IF WE MEET from jiamin liu on Vimeo.

Jiamin also animated the music video for my track “You”

Plum (feat. Ben Phaze)-YOU from jiamin liu on Vimeo.

A very talented girl – look out for her at www.missbowtie.com

Untitled from Plum Tunes on Vimeo.

This is Marvin Mouse, who I rescued this evening from 2 cats and an army of ants. Poor wee thing.

Advice welcome – I have so far rescued a jackdaw, a sheep, a seagull and a stray dog before, but never a mouse.

Plum x

Ring Ring

Happy days, 3 of the tracks from Different Skin have just become available as ring tones for your mobile 🙂

You – Text ‘track you’ to 80818 to buy
Eagle And The Penguin – Text ‘track eagle’ to 80818 to buy
As Trains Pass By – Text ‘track trains’ to 80818 to buy

“To buy the track you would text, ‘track you’ to 80818.

If you want to download it straight to your mobile handset you simply put an ‘m’ after the Track ID, for example ‘track you m’. Please note that Direct to Mobile downloads require WAP support to work. Most phones support WAP, but there are some notable exceptions. For instance, the Apple iPhone does not support WAP. Some networks do not support WAP either. However, if a UK user is on a network or handset that does not support WAP, and attempts a Direct to Mobile download, they will not be charged.

When people purchase the track(s) they will receive a text with instructions on how they can download the music.

Each track costs £1. Mobile downloads may incur additional charges. Users are advised to check with their operator”.

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